Foxus is an electronic healthcare record (EHR) system that allows storing patients’ data and medical charts in digital format. The system was developed using cutting edge technologies and following the global Electronic Health Record software development standards.

• Integration with other health care systems and simple adaptation in the public health care system;

• Implementation of the OpenEHR standard. The system is extremely flexible and easy to adopt in any country without losing any of the features that makes our product unique;

• Foxus Telemedicine application enables interactive healthcare consultations using modern telecommunication technologies;

Archetype usability enables efficient management of specific patient information that doctors want and need to share;

• Usability of Personal health records (PHR) improves the communication between patients and doctors;

• Foxus system ensures the protection of personal data and its confidentiality following the EU standards;

• Our solutions ensure simple operation support, easy functionality and systems updates.