How EHR influences on practice workflow

Changes in the work of medical staff after the implementation of HER.

Physician, physician assistant and nurse shall:

  • draw detailed documents containing patient records, medical appointments and recommendations
  • transmit prescriptions electronically (E. Prescription), receive warnings about allergies, incompatibility of medications and dosage
  • fill in repeat prescriptions automatically
  • order diagnostic tests directly from the PC
  • have access to clinical decision making system or evidence-based medicine system
  • have access to patient records outside the medical institution
  • apply various too to accelerate data input
  • use templates for fast form filling
  • auto-check the patient’s health insurance status
  • create patient groups by using HER database
  • monitor and handle patient treatment results and control the quality of health care services
  • print educational materials for patients in several languages
Administrator shall:
  • assign tasks electronically and track their implementation
  • track patient waiting time in order to improve the quality of service delivery
  • control medical staff performance
  • collect and store private messages from patients
  • track access to patient health records
  • change and supervise access rules for each medical staff member
  • prepare reports about amounts receivable, salaries, benefits etc.
  • check and handle claims immediately
  • save records on the patient’s health insurance history records
Nurse shall:
  • control patient phone calls and urgent questions immediately from any location
  • handle prescription issues online
  • make periodic payments immediately without oral permission
  • perform various actions with patient groups, e.g. find out who needs flu shots next month
  • use electronic templates for fast form filling
  • quickly print out educational material for patients
Physician assistant shall:
  • enter very important information to patient records
  • scan information presented by the patients
Office staff maintaining contact with the patient shall:
  • plan all appointments electronically
  • quickly find available time spaces
  • see time schedules of different service providers in one screen
  • use prompt notifications about patient calls
  • send faxes directly from EHR
  • scan health insurance information
  • Write notes in patient records
  • Develop automatic inspection of missing information
Financial staff shall:
  • generate invoices automatically
  • relate codes of diagnosed disease with external codes used by insurers to avoid mistakes
  • submit, follow-up and handle claims
  • track total payments of the patient
  • generate the patient’s insurance history
Patients shall:
  • review card information and results online
  • ask for repeat prescriptions and their updates online
  • communicate with physicians using protected messages or e-mail
  • change demographic and payment information electronically
  • review clinical extracts and share them with different medical institutions