EHR benefit for practice

Medical institution staff can be classified into the following groups:

  • Physician
  • Physician assistant
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Registered nurse
  • Medical assistant
  • Lab technician
  • Office staff communicating with clients
  • Staff entering data
  • Office staff
  • Organizing staff
  • Financial staff
  • Office manager
Some of these groups may be missing in a smaller medical institution and staff from other groups perform the tasks of the missing group. On the other hand, the following tasks performed in a medical institution take time and cost money:
  • Time used to enter new information into medical charts
  • Trips back and forth to racks of folders in the file room
  • Searching missing medical charts
  • Duplication of work effort because medical charts are incomplete or completely missing
  • Searching for lost test results
  • Sending prescriptions and writing repeat prescriptions
  • Chart pulls for follow-up faxes and phone calls
  • Registering inquiries
  • Chart pulls for physicians
Exact calculation of the cost of these work efforts can be made from the payroll. Other identifiable hard costs are as follows:
  • Paper
  • Folders
  • Labels and stickers
  • Square footage for chart storing
  • File cabinets, racks, ladders
  • File handling and updating
  • Copying and fax machines
  • Toners, ink
  • Office machine maintenance
  • Accounting document processing
  • Rewriting work
Some of EHR advantages cannot be measured in money and are called soft benefits.
When EHR is in direct correlation with lower operating costs or higher income, it produces hard benefits related to:
  • detected unknown income
  • higher number of prevention and care measures
  • lower number of claims, rejections and postponements
  • less rewriting work
Soft benefit is received when EHR adds to improvements that affect expense or income:
  • Increase physicians performance
  • Increase clinical staff effectiveness
  • Reduce the time spent of handling medical charts
  • Reduce chart storage and archiving costs