E-health, a relatively recent term in healthcare practice, indicates that processes and communication in a medical institution are done electronically. This term embraces cutting edge medicine and IT systems and services:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) provides medical staff with an opportunity to exchange patient’s data.
  • Telemedicine is clinical and psychological health care at a distance. 
  • Patients’ health information is the use of electronic sources of information on health by healthy or ill people.
  • The latest news from the reviews of medical journals, best practice and epidemiological studies.
  • Virtual health care teams of medical professionals who communicate and exchange patient data electronically.
  • M-health is the use of mobile equipment to collect, summarize, store and disseminate information on the patient’s health.
  • Health research using the network (distributed computing) employs powerful technological tools for processing numerous data received from different sources.
  • Health information systems are computer applications used for the planning and managing patient visits, processing patient health data and other administrative purposes.

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