Andrius Burnickas, Ltd. R. Burnicko BPG office manager Foxus is already fourth internal information system, which is used by our company for the past 14 years. I can safely say that this is the fastest and most feature rich system, which I have seen. Because the program is running in the browser, it can be accessed from any computer. This greatly simplifies the work process. User interface is very intuitive and employee training takes little time. Most importantly Foxus developers continuously implements new and improves already existing features. Glad that they take into account customers requests. We feel as a part of the program development. Technical Maintenance is fast and reliability is enviable, vast majority of those rare temporary malfunctions occur due to the fault of third parties. We hope that our cooperation will not stop for years and together with Foxus team we will step into national e-health system era.

Dr. Laimutė Rėkienė, VšĮ Sangrūdos outpatient Senior Doctor Foxus system – the joy for our company. Work with Foxus is convenient, fast and easy. The key advantages cooperating with Foxus for our outpatient work is: 1. This leads to disease prevention – automatic reminder to a doctor and personal message sending makes the patient more concerned about his health. 2. Saves valuable physician time, because all the information about the patient is achieved in just one click. 3. Convenient patient data analysis. The data collected can be used for required various reports, which greatly facilitates the formation of annual reports. 4. Foxus greatly simplifies filling forms, inspection and shipment to the public system. Also often changing medical documentation forms are integrated into Foxus system to ensure smooth operation. 5. This is not only for us, but also easy to use system for our patients, as patients can register to physicians at his convenience via portal. This also reduces our workload. 6. Of course in case of any problems Foxus staff quickly and efficiently responds to emerging issues and resolves any problems encountered. We are happy to work and recommend Foxus.

Dr. Tomas Kudelis, Virabliškio outpatient family doctor I think that the most important advantage – using Foxus is very convenient to create and administrate patient medical records. These database stored records are important in order to have a full patient medical history. I am glad that the program is continually developed, it introduced the doctor facilitation functions – such as Form 25 (statistical) data entry. With just a few clicks of a computer mouse, filled, inspected and delivered to VLK 025 form. This is a much easier way compared to the VLK program SVEIDRA. Not to mention the fact that there is no need to print, write and then fill complicated enough forms to your computer. This not only saves precious time of the patient visit, but also the administration of resources. I would like to mention the other very useful functions: The order of laboratory tests and result analysis. Patient pre-registration calendar. The patient’s personal contact database. Convenient and fast verification of the patient’s insurance status. All these and other features have greatly facilitated my work and greatly reduced the time spent processing paperwork.So I can pay more attention and time to my patient. A significant benefit of the program is access to patient medical records from outside the clinic. For example, while visiting the patient at home, I can access all the data from any personal computer, tablet or even a mobile phone. It is only important that the facility would have access to the Internet. Also the patients see themselves and have an opportunity to supplement their health records through the portal e-patient.In collaboration with a strong, young and creative program development team, I see that they are not standing still. They quickly respond to my suggestions in improving the program and making it more comfortable and easier to use it for me as a doctor. It is especially important that it does not become a forgotten and undeveloped program. After all sooner or later the e.receptas will become Lithuania’s electronic patient record and image storage solution, as well as other innovations. This is true and I can see that the team is ready for it.

Corpus Sanum Administrator Simona Petkeviciute We use “Foxus” already for half a year now. About both the program and the company “SoftDent” we can respond only extremely positively. The program is easy to use, in case of problems you can always reach the help desk. The criticism is taken very quickly and the results can usually be seen in a few minutes. Very flexible and great company, outstanding quality product. It is a pleasure to work with.