This is the main user interface area, which consist of employees work schedules and patient visit times.


F025 accounting form

Convenient and comfortable use of f025 form. Forget piles of paper-works and time spent on them.


E – receptas

Whole prescription cart assigned to a patient faster than in 30 seconds. Templates, drug reactions, state reimbursement – everything in one place.


Payment accounting

Willing to run provided service payment accounting? Payment accounting module will help you to keep track on your records.


Foxus is an e-health solution for medical institutions. The system provides a possibility to store patient and medical chart data in electronic format. It covers all major processes of a health care institution. By usingĀ Foxus you can:

  • Ensure fast and simple access to the required data
  • Save time used for document processing
  • Increase the effectiveness of organization’s internal processes
  • Improve the quality of provided services

This system was developed by using cutting edge technologies and following the global Electronic Health Record software development standards. Our solutions ensure simple operation support, easy functionality extension and integration with other systems.